About WMS

In 2009 Greg Churcher and Chris Koutsos formed CK NET Limited and Where's My Server was launched. The goal? To challenge the New Zealand hosting industry and lift what can be expected service-wise from hosting service providers.

‘We wanted to give customers more visibility and dynamic control of their hosted server environment, as if the server was right next to the person doing the administration work.’

Where's My Server Pre-launch

We chose to virtualise with VMware for the superior performance and stability. Next we developed the WMS web-based control panel to link customers to their deployments so they could self-manage their virtual servers, dynamically add and remove hardware and access important network, security and billing systems controls.

After a few hundred hours of development we had a working prototype housed on consumer grade PCs and switching. All in a wardrobe in Chris’s house. We were lean and keen.  

Early prototype boardroom presentations were marred with fears like “what if there's a power or Internet fail at home during the demo?" After being well received by early audiences we followed the plan and made the investment into enterprise-grade infrastructure which we deployed into a leading data centre service provider in Wellington.


The first data centre installation launched in late 2009. Dell as our initial vendor for their ability to pre-build, burn-in and ship ready for racking to spec. VMware’s ESX3 for the virtualisation layer, and Cisco for switching.


8 years on, and thousands of hours innovating and developing. WMS Customers have deployed thousands of servers and we have a blemish free up time history of over 99.99 percent.

Where’s My Server has emerged as a veteran and leader in IaaS providing in NZ. We've set new standards and continue to do so.

We are a VMware Service Provider Partner that provides secure web-based access with combined levels of customer deployment, visibility and dynamic control of an IaaS environment in New Zealand.

If you have a thought, questions or something to share contact Greg anytime.