Live Billing, Pay for What you Use

After much discussion with a panel of customers, we have re-written the billing platform based on what they told us. It's all provided via the WMS Server Management Console that all WMS customers have access to.

Utility billing

Pay for what you use. Think of WMS as utility server hosting platform, with extra resources available at your finger tips at the flick of a switch. Like a utility power supplier with a usage meter you simply pay for what you use when you need it.

Live Billing

We're calculating costs live, based what you have deployed with us. You can start, stop, add or remove entire servers including CPU, RAM and DISK allocations in seconds and the billing engine will display costs based on what you're using, live.

Projected Costs

Current month cost projections keep you in the loop when making changes. Helpful when working to a budget, or when needing to advise a client of upcoming changes in costs. It's a crystal ball that displays projected costs to the month end before the month has arrived.

Reseller Accounting

Add sub accounts for your client deployments, then set the rate card at your preferred on-selling rates. Helpful for tracking costs for on-charging, or for allocating costs to internal projects or cost centres.

If you have questions about reseller accounts and rate cards email us anytime at


Add and Remove Virtual Servers in Seconds

WMS customers can create and delete servers in seconds from the Server Overview.

New server instances can be used for as little or long as needed and using the WMS console means no more waiting on datacentre monkeys to get things done.

You can also create you own border firewall rule-sets in seconds or attach a config that might be already attached to a server of yours.

It’s all part of our other plan to make life easier for the sys' admin.

Services are charged for on use. So a server powered up for a few days or hours will only pay for that time.

To see the service in action, grab a new account or a free test drive.


WMS Upgrades to VMware vSphere5

With years of blemish-free uptime history behind us, we're leading the charge again in Virtual Server and Virtual Private Cloud services in New Zealand with the upgrade to VMware’s vSphere5 platform.

So what's so great about vSphere 5?

“With nearly 200 new and enhanced capabilities, VMware vSphere 5 will continue to set the standard in virtualisation, delivering better application performance and availability for all business-critical applications while automating the management of an increasingly broad pool of datacentre resources.” more.

WMS’s web interface has already been updated to be fully compatible with the vSphere5.

As we complete the last of the customer migrations to the v5 platform. WMS customers can expect a future with higher resiliency levels and almost no service interruptions.

It’s all part of our plan for more awesome!