Community Projects and Sponsorship

Since burning in our first server in 2009, we've given a truck-load of free stuff away to various individuals and community projects.


WMS Sponsored Community Projects

We proudly sponsor a variety of community projects, organisations and individuals;

Unlimited Potential

A network of ICT professionals based in Wellington, NZ

Full Code Press 2010

Country vs country. A competition where teams of web professionals competed to build a website for non-profits in 24 hrs.

The Catalyst Open Source Academy 2012

Supporting Catalyst in showing young technologists how to participate in open source communities and to fully explore their passion for IT through freely available open source tools.

The Catalyst Open Source Academy 2013

More of the same, more young technologists and Catalyst support with several thousands of dollars of fully sponsored servers.

Free Quota

The answer for IT hobbyists wanting a low cost server hosted on NZ shores.

Also, various gaming communities, non-profits and fun causes are supported by WMS with sponsored servers.

Email us to talk about your a WMS sponsored project.