User Guide - Server Overview

Walkthrough of Server Overview


Server Overview detail


1. Server Name

The hostname of your server, chosen at the time of deployment.


2. Datacentre Info

Displays the physical host your server is currently running on, and the primary IP address of your server.  Note: Live servers have public IPs - the addresses shown in this screenshot are for demonstration purposes only.


3. Power Controls

From left to right these are: Start, Suspend, Shut down, and Reboot. Extra power controls are available in the server Control Panel.


4. OS logo

Shows the OS type chosen at the time the server was deployed.


5. Hardware section

Displays the configuration of your server.  The network indicator shows the status of the network card.


6. Mini Display

Shows you a mini screenshot of the video output of your server from the previous 10 seconds.


7. Message Indicator

Shows any messages or alerts for each server.  Clicking this will take you to the message centre if any messages are available.


8. Control Panel

Access the control panel for each server.


9. Add Server

Create a new server in seconds.


10. Delete Server

Removes the server, deletes its data and any local disks attached to it.  The meter ceases billing immediately.