Retail Prices*

CPU Per Core $6.00
RAM Per GB $40.00
System Disk Per GB $1.20

*We have competitive rates for Trade, Reseller, and Volume customers. For a comprehensive price list and a costing calculator we’d like to hear from you. You can get the ball rolling by emailing us at

Payment Methods

We accept Credit Card, Direct Debit, Bank Transfer and PayPal for Payment.

Price Reviews and Term Contracts

As Where’s My Server grows our cost of business lowers, and we review and adjust our prices regularly. Where’s My Server customers can rest assured that they are getting sharp rates without the need for term contracts. At each review we update the Trade, Reseller and Volume rate cards and apply the savings automatically.

Since WMS launched in 2009 our customers have seen considerable savings.

To start a conversation about you and Where’s My Server, email us now at