WMS Console

Detailed Billing

Account Overview shows your costs at a glance, along with any payments applied, and balance.

Control Panel

Drilling down into a server for refined levels of visibility and dynamic control.

Perform multiple tasks, including adding or removing CPU, disk and RAM, snapshots, back-ups and remote console access.

For a more detailed explanation see Control Panel User Guide.

Server Overview

Shows all your servers, their running state, hardware and OS deployed, all on one page. Includes a live mini-view of your server's desktop, as well as start, stop and reboot controls.

For a more detailed explanation see Overview User Guide.

Border Firewall

An easy but powerful interface to the Datacentre border firewall.  Manage multiple firewall rule sets from one interface, save, and instantly apply them to any network interface on any of your servers.

For a more detailed explanation see Firewall User Guide.

Remote Terminal

Access your server via the remote terminal, even before the operating system or network has started. This is your personal and secure lifeline to your server.

Backup and Clone

Backup your entire server while it's running, suspended or powered off. Create duplicate servers for testing or schedule as a repeating back-up to be archived to WMS's on site backup and off site backup vaults.

Add Hardware

Scale your installation at any time without needing to call, email or wait for anyone to do it for you.

Server Snapshots

Snapshot the disk and running state of your server any time, while the server is running. Ideal for change management where backing out can be difficult e.g. OS updates and application patches. You're able to roll back to a saved state at any time, without the involvment or waiting for datacentre staff.

Task Scheduler

Schedule all tasks to occur at a time of your choosing. Includes power controls, hardware modifications, snapshots and backups.


WMS's unified "Console in a browser"

Offers systems administrators total visibility and cross-platform control of their IT infrastructure. Servers are accessible and manageable even before the operating system and network are started, and the sysadmin can add and remove complete servers–disk, CPU, RAM–quickly and easily, on the fly or at a scheduled time.

Servers can be backed up while running, suspended, or powered off for rollback and compliance with organisational change-management procedures... all this without requiring the costly intervention of external IT staff.

It's all underpinned with WMS's awesome customer service and built on clustered Dell, Intel and Cisco hardware running VMware's enterprise-grade vShpere 5.  We've found that no other virtualisation technology comes even close to VMware's excellence when virtualising to enterprise grade standards.


Video walkthroughs

Server Overview

Adding and Removing Servers

Server Control Panel