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WMS have proven they have implemented a great product providing virtual servers, storage and associated internet connectivity built on an excellent platform – meeting both technical and operational requirements of Rhythm IT. Their products are backed by a great team who are knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. WMS has an innovative management interface that initially attracted Rhythm IT to their offering, backed by a solid environment, and at all times have been able to provide the flexibility we require to deliver service to our clients. Rhythm IT uses virtualised servers provided by WMS to host a variety of web/email and other hosted services that we resell to our customers. One particular client of ours has a deployment of a group of servers that provides them with an excellent remote environment that runs all their business software and email. These services Rhythm IT sells to clients need to be deployed on a reliable platform, which enables us to deliver our services to our clients with confidence. Our clients place their faith and trust in us, and we can honour this knowing we can do the same with WMS. WMS have always provided Rhythm IT with an excellent product backed by very knowledgeable and timely service and support. They are a great team to work with and Rhythm IT will always continue to use their services. We have confidence in Greg, Chris and the team, so we have no hesitation in recommending their business to other organisations. Adrian J Garrett-Tuck Rhythm IT

IT Services Reseller - Managing Director, Rhythm IT

Altaine is a software company specialising in mobile solutions. We develop on a number of different platforms including Java, .NET, and various mobile operating systems. We’re also fairly unique in that we’re a ‘virtual’ company, with most of the team set-up as remote workers. As we grew in size, we realised we needed decent infrastructure for our development and testing systems, but we didn’t have a secure facility in which to place our own equipment. We decided to go with Where's My Server in 2009 to host a number of virtual servers for our development and testing. The Where's My Server platform has been very stable and performs well for all of our daily use, and we've been expanding our use of the service to include our build servers and other development infrastructure. We've found the Where’s My Server team very easy to deal with and extremely helpful, even when we've occasionally tried to do some non-standard or tricky things! John Downs Altaine

John Downs - Altaine

The team at Where's my server have been (and are) awesome! We had a pretty critical meltdown with the Full Code Press competition (http://fullcodepress.com) and I needed to get 3 identical vms up and running.. FAST. The guys helped make this happen in record time, and I managed to move things over to their hardware which was a huge improvement. The team at WMS have always responded quickly and helped with all my demands, and I'd recommend them to all!

Mike Forbes

I have used several VPS providers over the last few years, but WMS stood out from the crowd. The control panel is amazing. I love having graphical control over my firewall at network level, not having to fiddle around with iptables and such. Love it!

Regan McEntyre