Helping Your Business

WMS minimises the overhead of running single- or multiple-server environments at the sysadmin level, improving service levels while reducing operational cost and complexity. WMS is specifically designed to address and offer solutions to the following business problems:

  • Lack of visibility of systems failures or problems which are impacting the business or its customers;
  • Lack of tools to self-diagnose and remedy problems;
  • Reliance on hosting-provider staff for server administration tasks;
  • Inability to proactively prepare and budget for future demand and usage.

WMS is different from other management products. These differentiators provide some of the key advantages and benefits of WMS:

  • True real-time management of your entire virtual infrastructure;
  • An intuitive easy-to-use web-browser interface that lets a sysadmin manage any server at any time, from hardware to software;
  • Self-management of tasks that would otherwise incur expensive hourly charges from datacentre staff;
  • Cost-efficiency. WMS’s managed service transforms hosting infrastructure from a capital expense into an operational cost;
  • Rapid return on investment. You can implement WMS very quickly and it saves you money from day one. You can even bring your own VMware-compatible images to WMS;
  • No hidden costs. Pay for only the server resources you consume.

WMS’s unified “console in a browser” interface offers systems administrators total visibility and cross-platform control of their IT infrastructures. Servers are accessible and manageable even before the operating system and network are started, and the sysadmin can add and remove resources–disk, CPU, RAM–quickly and easily, on the fly or at a scheduled time. Servers can be backed up while running, suspended, or powered off for rollback and compliance with organisational change-management procedures… all this without requiring the costly intervention of external IT staff.

Enterprise service, small-biz customer focus.